Laminate flooring is durable and hard-wearing. However, is it the right flooring for your home?
Created decades ago, as a cheap option to real wood, existing laminate flooring companies have upped their game with many wood types. You’ll get everything from European Oak to Australian loved species such as Blackbutt, Ironbark, Tasmanian Oak and Spotted Gum laminate flooring.
The variety is a result of the photographic process used to develop the design of the film layer of the floor. With this wide array of choices, here’s what you need to know before buying laminate timber flooring.

  1. Installation

Laminate installs easy and fast, on average our customers can install about 60m2 in one weekend, most of the products have a step by step guide to install the product that is easy to follow if you decide to DIY. Unlike solid wood, the laminate is made out of HDF that makes cutting it a lot easier and more time efficient.
Although laminate flooring has an easy design, installation instructions and patented click lock system, some areas require some experience in timber flooring. Gordon Park has several great showrooms where you can learn to install flooring before you buy it.
What’s more, if you use force to put the boards in place, you may fold up the top wear layer. This act can prevent the floor from resisting moisture.

  1. Cleaning

Laminate flooring is easy to clean, simply use a broom or vacuum, and then mop with a dry mop. Also, there is a range of floor cleaning liquids that work well with laminate flooring. Gordon Park has options for such products be delivered to your door.
Water can enter the joints between boards, making it swell and can cause water damage.

  1. Moisture

Most of the Laminate flooring products can resist moisture. What this means is, the floor can tolerate semi-moist areas like kitchens. However, be certain that the boards are tight against each other.
Laminate flooring can’t withstand pools of water, therefore for heavy moisture, get an impermeable surface like vinyl flooring or hybrid flooring.

  1. Maintenance and Durability

Unlike wood, which dents, laminate flooring is almost invulnerable to scratches and dents.
You can’t sand and refinish laminate flooring if it’s grooved, scratched, or heavily worn.

  1. Functionality

Without an underlayment, Laminate flooring can feel hard under your foot. It is strongly recommended that appropriate underlayment is used during the installation, it also increases the moisture and acoustic barrier.
The underlayment gives laminate a springy feeling. This makes it simpler to stand on for a long time.
Ordinarily, laminate flooring is slippery, therefore try to compare different laminate flooring companies in Gordon Park to make sure you are getting the highest ‘’R’’ or ‘’P’’ rated material.

  1. Appearance

Timber Laminate flooring replicate the look and appearance of natural wood in different designs. Unlike solid hardwood, with several imperfect pieces which need to be re-engineered or discarded, there is no such defects in Laminate flooring. Gordon Park customers have much love for Australian native species such as Blackbutt and Spotted gum, we made sure that our product has the closest timber appearance and wood like texture.
A limitation in color film only allows for certain number of repeats in board appearance.
Laminate flooring Gordon Park is still a popular choice since it’s easy to install and maintain.
Consider every factor — and enjoy how laminate flooring will enhance your home’s appeal, aesthetic, and value.

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